Friday, January 04, 2013

Making a claim under Elder-shield

Many policyholders pay a large premium to be covered under Eldershield. They are worried that when the time comes to make a claim, they have to incur a large cost to get an evaluation of an approved doctor and to find that the claim has been rejected. This case study explains the nature of the concern.

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yujuan said...

When the Eldershield scheme was first initiated, Great Eastern invited me to join it.
But after making some calculations on the premiums paid, the maximum stingy 4 years claims allowable, the stringent criteria to meet before one could claim, finally put me off.
Heng ah, my head and sixth sense saved me from getting into a scheme that is not advantageous to me at all.
If I am so immobile, so unable to even bath and eat myself, the last thing I wan to do is to subject myself to assessment by some strange doctors who may strike off my eligibility, based according to his whims and fancy.
I'll rather not stress myself. May as well use my money to purchase some blue chip stocks, and sell when i need money for survival on a wheel chair.

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