Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to increase the birth rate

1. I will now give my views on how to increase the birth rate in Singapore.

2. We must give an option to women to be a full time mother and raise children. The mother will receive, from the state, a monthly allowance of $500 for each child, up to a maximum of three children, until the child reaches 12 years old.

3. If this allowance is given, some women may opt to be a full time home maker, instead of a career women. They can opt to get married at a younger age, and raise their children. When the children go to school, the mother can enter the workforce and do the types of jobs that are suitable for them, which do not require a high level of education.

4. There are many suitable jobs in the economy for women, with experience in raising children. They can be assistants to teachers, or work in taking care of children and the elderly, or can go into the food business. These jobs can also pay well.

5. The choice is still available for women who wish to enter the business world and compete with men. These women are likely to marry late and to be not keen to raise children, as it is difficult to do both.

6. My suggestion is to give women, who are more inclined to the family, to choose this option, and to receive a monthly allowance that make it possible for the family to meet the living expenses.

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Xianlong said...

It'll work if pap is voted out.

They are short-term focused. They can't wait for like 20 years for a baby to grow up & join the workforce.

Their mentality is now import ready-made adults to work & spend. To hell with nationhood is their mantra althouth the sinkie will spend far more $ in SG in his lifetime.

However they cannot wait. They want aliens to work & spend now.

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