Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Please send email to your friends and ask them to sign this Petition for a Referendum on the Population White Paper


Kooli said...

Poll result on the White Paper:


simple said...

Kin Lian,

A referendum becomes complex if it goes beyond a Yes or No answer for voters. The PWP is a complex document with varied assumptions and actions. Each of the proposals in the Population WP on its own can be acceptable if it is right-sized and well-paced, even immigrant population growth, and can be viewed in the positve in the interest of Singaporeans. The projections and their underlying assumptions therein and how these variables are going to be varied and put into a series of combinations for voting will become a numbers game without educated study and debate of their merits and dismerits. It will be like asking Singaporeans to vote for the best char kuay teow in town. You are probably not going to get consensus unless you define "best". Some will like it spicy, or sweet, with or without lard, more kuay teow than noodle or vice versa. You see my point?

So have you given some thought how the Referendum will be framed and how many choices will be adequate, recognising that the greater the no. the less likely majority consensus will be reached. Give us a specimen so that your readers can have a more informed basis to know what they are asked to petition.

Admin said...

Sugesstion: you may like to pin this post to the top of your blog page so that more people can see it.

michael13 said...

To me, "Population White Paper" contains nothing that will benefit the average Singaporeans in one way or another. To make it simple is to reject it outright. So there is no necessity to talk about 'char kuay teow' or whatsoever. In fact, the perception of many view "the White Paper" as the "political master piece of ruling PAP" for which has nothing to do with the long-term survival and prosperity of our nation. Unity of people assure that NOT the 6.9 million of divided population.

Frankie Wong said...

Why is it so difficult for the Singapore government to hold a referendum ?
Years ago when Mr Goh Chok Tong was the Pm. He mentioned that Singapore would aspire to be like the Swiss standard.
For the record, the Swiss had held 12 referendum in 2012. This make it an average of one per month.
We should follow the swiss way of democracy.

michael13 said...

A big advantage for the ruling PAP to hold a referendum on this critical population issue - to rebuild TRUST and to regain CONFIDENCE of the people.

For the average Singaporeans, the immediate benefits are to slow down the irresponsible liberal immigration policies, so that our children and grandchildren will not have to face the unnecessary competition(from the very hungry FTs) to at least finding a decent permanent job and to further suffer from the escalating high cost of living.

Hope that the PAP government can bear in mind of one important principle: "Singapore is a country that we strive very hard to build since 1965 and Singapore belongs to a big overwhelming majority of all average Singaporeans."

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