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Fake degree submitted by foreigners

7 April 2013 (not published by St Times)

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Fake degree submitted by Foreigners

I wish to suggest how to deal with the fake degrees submitted by foreigners who wish to work in Singapore.

Under the current system administered by the Ministry of Manpower, the education and other details of the foreigner are provided by the employer  who makes the application for the work pass.

I suggest that these details should be submitted by the foreigner, who are told that 
any false information, such as using a fake degree from a degree mill or using a 
forced certificate will result in the cancellation of the work pass, repatriation or 
imprisonment. This should deter many foreigners from submitting the fake qualifications.

I do not expect the Ministry to carry out a detailed check on each applicant, unless
a whistle has been blown. Alternatively, a random check can be carried out after the work pass has been issued. It is more important to have the deterrent impact by following the new practice. 

Tan Kin Lian

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yujuan said...

One young Chinese National girl on her first visit to Singapore for a look see, was impressed by Singaporeans' "bao rong Xing hen da"
attitude towards foreigners.
Very strange that some of our own countrymen accusing us for being xenophobic, we said to the impressed girl, our acceptance is so magnanimous that many Companies, including Govt Agencies, even accept fake tertiary degrees at face value. Dun even make the least effort to do some checking up.

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