Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Government has a duty

There are many scams happening in Singapore and some had been allowed to continue for years. These potential scams include the gold bar schemes, land banking, time sharing, forex training courses, investment schemes and the like.

Apologists for the Government said, "People should take care of themselves. They cannot expect the Government to be a nanny to take care of them all the time."

This statement is quite ridiculous. It comes from people who do not think but just feel comfortable about echoing the Government propaganda.

I do not expect the "authority" to stop all scams. But if someone had reported a potential scam, and the evidence is quite obvious, and the scam is affecting many people, the "authority" should pay attention and see what can be done. It is easy for the "authority" to send someone to attend these events and collect evidence. They can invite the organizers for a chat and advice them about the law on cheating or selling securities without a licence.  The existing laws are sufficient to stop these scams.

It is a breach of duty of the Government to sit idly by and watch more people being caught by the scams.

The excuse, "we do not want to be a nanny state" allows the law enforcement officers to neglect their primary duty.


Lye Khuen Way said...

I agree with Mr Tan that government must be proactive. Ours' is becoming a "coverment" ; seems only to react only when sufficient victims or well-connected victims made the headlines.

Wonder if manpower or more correctly adequate pay is an issue. The need to outsource seem to either point to another poor policy adopted . To lower cost and responsibilities to government servants in terms of pensions and medical liabilities?

Most cities can boast of dedicated essential services , emergency personnel like firefighters ,police officers and the likes , held in high regards by their communities.

Why is it not so here ? Young men & women over there do aspire to be one.

Again,do our youngs ever express such ambitions ? Not sure, but our Primary School teachers/ principals may want to verify.

yujuan said...

Not apologists for the Govt. Must accept that the Authorities have already indicated they are not willing to be the people's jaga, then we have to protect ourselves, there is no other way.

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