Sunday, April 07, 2013

Kopitiam card

I received an invitation by Kopitiam to visit their new outlet near my home. They sent a Kopitiam card with $2 pre-loaded and waiver of $2 card fee.

I visited the outlet and topped up $10. Their machine accept only notes and do not provide any change. It is easy to use - the best that I have encountered.

The Kopitiam card offered a 10% discount for purchases at their outlet.

This is the best loyalty card that I have experienced. I congratulate Kopitiam for their excellent card and loyalty program. I intend to use the Kopitiam card often.

Note: I do not use the credit card or telephone loyalty points as it is too troublesome for me.


JayWalk said...

There is a separate Kopitiam card specially for senior citizens with even better discount.

You should consider taking a look into that.

Divine Moo-Moo said...

The SGH Kopitiam Card offers a 20% Discount, but only for SGH employees. xD

yujuan said...

On the whole, Kopitiam's food stalls have been deteriorating in standards, afraid with the demise of the Banquet Group due to family members losing a huge fortune to casino gambling, quality of food would worsen further.
Card discount looks deceptively attractive, just have a higher mark up, rather pay more and have higher quality food and bigger portions.
Koufu is a much better alternative.

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