Monday, April 01, 2013

Singaporeans are not zenophobic

Lovecraft RavenEve said:

I am tired of people saying that singaporeans are xenophobic. Let's look at Hongkong after the 1997 handover as example.

Hongkong has merged with china for the past 16 years. both consist of ethnic Han people but relations are strained between the 2. there are frequent protests in Hongkong because of the unreasonable behaviour of the PRCs e.g. hoarding of milk, education.

what makes them think that we can integrate with the new citizens (pinoys, PRCs, indians etc) within 10 years???

Please read through the comments of Hongkongers against PRC infesting their land!!!!! they do not mince their words like singaporeans! we singaporeans have been very ke qi/ polite already!!!!!!

if what the HongKongers are doing is Xenophobic and morally wrong, why hasn't any NGOs or United Nations or Human Rights group berated them???

Lovecraft said that, compared to Hongkongers, Singaporeans are more tolerant of foreigners.

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yujuan said...

There is a PRC tailor in Bishan who once arrogantly and sarcastically said, "if you can't speak Chinese well, speak English."
Now, who is zenophobic, wondering, if she is so smart and full of herself, why just be a tailor. If this is Hongkong, that PRC woman would be given a wallop.
Singaporeans are "tamer" in comparison. The word "zenophobic" is used conveniently by our Govt to play on our emotions, to contain our resistance to more foreigners coming in.
Reality check here, we welcome real FTs who would fit in and contribute, but not any Tom, Dick or Harry, whom we consider as trash, like the above PRC tailor.

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