Monday, May 13, 2013

Ask for Benefit Illustration

Hi Mr Tan, 
Is it normal for insurance advisors to show you the benefit illustration plans etc, but not giving you the handouts for you to take home and analyse thereafter (prior to buying any plans)? I have encountered this a few times, it seems like it is their company or agency's policy to do so. 

Without the numbers and terms on hand, how am I supposed to do a detailed analysis myself. The se
ssion with the agent himself is intensive. Without the printouts for me to analyse on my own thereafter, I am afraid there will be conditions and terms I would have missed out. This is not a fair system it seems like an aggressive sales strategy. No doubt there is a cooling off period after purchase, but it forces you to sign on the dotted line without giving you easy accessibility to information. 
If I understand it correctly, the agent is required to give the benefit illustration for you to take back and analyze. If they don't, you can lodge a complaint about the unethical conduct.


Unknown said...

I remember going to Stanchart and the insurance agent (Prudential) said cant take back and no photo-taking of the BI.
And I was thinking then" What kind of crap service is this?"

Unknown said...

I experienced this a few years back when I went to stanchart in tampines branch. The insurance agent (Prudential) lady was so hard-seling, telling me to save more and make $ work harder.

And when I ask for the BI to take back home, she said cannot, and prohibit me from taking photos, saying that it is very competitive as the reason I cant take home the BI.

What crap reason is this? And the crap service as well.

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