Sunday, May 12, 2013

Expensive Seminars and Wild Claims

A consumer attended a 3 day seminar and came out with this observation. He wished to warn gullible Singaporeans not to be taken for a ride.

I hope that our government will keep an eye on such activities and intervene early, I believe Singaporeans being too naive, ignorant and greedy and are not immunized to handle on the cutting-edge sales pitch. Since our government is slow to react, I like to ask people like you to warn the gullible flock.
The speakers said that Asia is the future and they have chosen to settle in Singapore, Perhaps, they have found their gold mine here, from the fees paid by the gullible people.


patchh said...

Unless the speaker or trainer can show you a live record of his current trading account & investment as proof or evidence, never be taken in by his talk. He should walk his talk. Anything too good to be true better run away as fast as you can. Singaporeans never learn their lessons from Ponzi Scheme or scam such as gold investing, land banking, Lehman Brothers' minibond, Morgan Stanley Pinnacle Notes, DBS High Notes, time-sharing, etc.

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled by the people who sign up on the spot after each sales pitch. They are their own employees trying to create a mob for real customers to follow. This mob tactic is well-known in the sales industry.

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