Monday, May 06, 2013

My views of the Malaysian Election 2013

1.  There was a strong swing among the Chinese to the Democratic Action Party (DAP), member of Pakatan Rakyat (PR). The urban Malays was more neutral while the rural Malays continued to give strong support to the Barisan National (BN).

2. This polarization along racial lines is not good for Malaysia. It is wise for the caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Razak to call for a period of reconciliation. He is moderate and reform minded and will be able to take Malaysia through a period of change.

3. The call by the former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohd at the last minute to the Malays to reject Party Islam (PAS) probably saved BN. He is clearly strategic in his thinking. This probably contributed to the surge in Malay support for the BN, instead of PAS, in the important rural areas in Perak, Kedah and Johore.

4. It is rather sad that Anwar Ibrahim's party, Partai Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), which is multi-racial in its approach, did not fare as well as it should in the rural areas. Several Chinese candidates stood on their platform, perhaps in the urban areas.

5. I am impressed with the performance of Anwar's daughter, Nurrul Izzah. I watched some of the Youtube videos of her speeches. She is truly an inspirational leader with clear ideas of what is good for the future of Malaysia. A commentator said that she is his favorite as a future Prime Minister of Malaysia. I share this view.

6.  I am impressed with the campaign speeches of many candidates. They are able to relate well with the public and to mix Malay, English, Mandarin and dialect in the same speech. It goes will with a multi-racial audience.

7. Malaysians are way ahead of Singaporeans in politics and democracy. We have much to learn from them.


Anonymous said...

". Malaysians are way ahead of Singaporeans in politics and democracy. We have much to learn from them."

Politics is a profession that requires practice.
Like law or medicine.

So where do Singaporeans go to practise?
Hong Lim Park?

yujuan said...

The maturity of the Malaysian Electronate is quite surprising. Granted the speeches were articulate, inspiring and charismatic, but the Opposition Alliance made 1 glaring mistake - too good to be true promises, offering every ah pek, ah mm, the stay at home housewife, all through free education to educate the young, the 50% tariff reduction for foreign cars, etc.
This would create doubts in the mind, already the domestic debts have more than tripled, are the payouts sustainable or not.
Voters are emotional creatures, the sight of Dr Mathathir canvassing for BN's vote at such old age do stir swinging hearts.
Nevertheless, Opposition speakers are impressive, as compared to our own, Singapore's Opposition Parties have a lot to learn from them. First of all, Opposition Parties here should combine into only 2 Parties. Too many give a fragmented image to voters, and do not quite inspire confidence.
But big Ego is the blocking stone in its path, a weakness readily exploited by the ruling PAP at every GE.
Just ask the elderly why they still vote for PAP, the frequent answer is, so many Opp parties, dun know who to vote, may as well vote the old man's Party. This observation speaks volume, but big ego prevents the Opposition to open their ears and listen. Everyone thinks he is the heroic saviour of Singaporeans.
So small and yet so many Parties, leading to inevitable splitting of hearts.
Very good to see Dr. Mahathir walking around, brimming with health and confidence. May God bless him to live till 100 years old. Still, prefer the Opposition to make a bigger inroad, BN is in power far too long. Need changes.

Tommy said...

i do not agree with your last claim, their results is fraudulent and there are videos indicating that they cheated. It will haunt them later. Singapore is way ahead of them in terms of progress. At least when PAP loses, they take it graciously.

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