Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Unnecessary hassle - making life difficult for Singaporeans

I attended a meeting at the Land Transport Authority office in Sin Ming Avenue. The security guard asked me to walk 100 meters to the security post to change my NRIC to a visitor pass and to register my particulars. 

After the meeting, I had to walk back to the security post to retrieve my NRiC and to register my particulars again. To make matters worse, the security guard was not at his post. I had to wait a while for him to return.

What is the purpose of this activity? Is it to stop terrorists from entering a Government building? If so, why was I not checked for explosives in my bag?

Was it to register my contact in case there is another SARS outbreak? If this was the purpose, why was my particulars not checked, e.g. mobile phone number? In case, no one knows, SARS have been over more than 10 years ago.

Was it to know that I was in the building in case there was a fire? There are 100 other places that I visited last month, where the risk of a fire is higher. I was not recorded in all of these places.

The real answer is - Singaporeans just follow instructions and routines blindly. They do not ask - is this really necessary? is this really useful?

Maybe, they enjoy making other people go through the hassle, for nothing. Nothing will change until the minister is made the target of these measures!

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