Monday, May 06, 2013

Sensible approach towards security

We should adopt a sensible approach towards security, terrorism and cyber crime. My emphasis is "sensible". I do not like the blind approach towards security that is adopted in many aspects of our daily life, such as: 

1. Registering visitors to visit commercial buildings
2. Excessive checking of visitors boarding planes, even a watch will cause a beep
3. Many layers of security codes to use online banking, especially for corporate accounts
4. Need for e-mail statements to be encrypted and accessed with a password.

These excessive security measures will have a bad side effect. Being impractical, the security guard and the public will not pay much attention to it. It becomes a blind routine.

The public will avoid the use of the online measures. For example, I refuse to open my encrypted statements - as it is too troublesome. I often have to write cheques rather than go through the painful online process.

To enhance security in our public buildings, malls and train stations, I prefer to see more security guard that moves around and keep an eye on the visitors. Their presence is useful, in addition to the use of close circuit televisions.

Many of the measures were introduced during a period of real danger, for example, shortly after the terrorist attack in 2001. But 10 years have already passed, and there are new security threats to replace the old ones. We need to review the measures after a few years, to see if they are really relevant. 

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