Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bad customer service of Tiger Air

Dear Tan,
I have a complaint to make about Tiger Airways and wonder if you can advise me as to the relevant official agency in Singapore for this?
My wife and I have booked and purchased a round-trip from Singapore* to Bali at the end of the year and without my knowledge, agreement or wish Tiger Airways included an insurance policy in the price! I wrote to them immediately after the tickets were issued and I discovered the unwanted insurance, Have written to them and, after several reminders, they refuse to do anything. Don't really care about the money (SGD 60) but angry about the principle.
I do not know the people of Tiger Air personally. They are a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. 
I also feel quite annoyed at the bad business practice of the airline (to push expensive travel insurance to their customers). It is also very bad that they don't reply to their customers. 
I have made complaints on other issues to government ministers and they don't reply to me. So, I send them a reminder and asked them to reply. 


yujuan said...

May sound unpatriotic, but dun fly SIA and its cheapskate Tiger Air anymore. The service standard is like a falling knife, can't figure out the bottom.
The CEO of this National Airline should be sacked long ago, absolutely no idea how to run a Premium Airline, why dun they learn from Qatar Airlines or The Emirates, they really pamper their VIP customers with Limousine and Attending Guest officers in tow. SIA really sucks.

veronika said...

People who travel from Singapore on SQ do so because their ticket were paid by their employers. Either a HR practice or the destinations and timings suit their business purpose.

SQ business targets Europeans, Australians, Americans, Indians. Singapore is insignificant.

If you are paying your own way, you will be very conscious of price. Tiger air is a budget airline business and they have a small operation. Having a parent that is very tight fisted with money, they will try many ways to be profitable.Just take a look at who is on the board of directors.

There is a wide choice to choose when it comes to air travel, but choose wisely. Do not fear air crashes etc.
If we die, or get injured.. well for me, that is fate.
In all probability one would meet a car accident sooner than an air incident.

Jetstar is a better budget airline, no nonsense and straight to the point, and reliable too. I have flown them for the past 5 years... not a single delay or issue with bags, seating or cost.

I know SQ well.. my previous employer used them all the time. Use them perhaps for long haul.. but Emirates, CX, Lufthansa, Qantas are just as good.
Dont be fooled by adverts and to ang mohs who have never had the experience of having a blanket being draped over them by a crew, SQ is heaven, and of course they will give 5 thumbs up.

I believe we are more discerning.

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