Monday, July 15, 2013

Test your financial awareness

Are you financially aware?

Do this test and check your score. The answers are given on the last page.

Be financially aware, so that you can earn a better return on your savings, and be financially sound. Do not let other people take away the return that should go to you, for your hard work.

This test is FREE.

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zhummmeng said...

The BIGGEST RISK you must eliminate when investing or financial planning is to make sure you don't engage a wolf or conman or woman, or a salesman to advise you or manage your money.If you don't your financial future is doomed from the start.
Make sure you engage a Qualified,Competent, Honest, with integrity, and will put your interest first above his, his manager's/supervisor's/his CEO's/ company's interest and all else.
Beware of wolf in sheep's clothing, ie. salesmen and conmen disguised as financial consultant, Executive financial consultant, life planner, financial adviser and financial planner.
Be careful of friendly, helpful, caring consultants.
Remember all salesmen and conmen are friendly and polite and sweet talking, especially conmen
If you manage this risk you stand a good chance of getting objective advise.

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