Monday, July 08, 2013

Case study - file a claim for medical incapacity

Someone asked me for help to lodge a medical incapacity claim under the Dependent Protection Insurance Scheme. He thought that I was an expert and should know if his medical condition qualified for the claim. 

I first have to seek the definition of the coverage. After searching the websites of MOM, CPF and the insurer, I found that it is defined as "physically/ mentally incapacitated and unable to find work" as certified by a doctor.

He is reluctant to incur an expense of $150 to pay the doctor to provide a report, only to find the claim rejected by the insurer. He asked if his condition is likely to be approved - which I do not have the answer.

I helped him to write a personal statement showing his employment history and medical treatment over the past ten years. He had tried and was able to work for less than a year at the beginning. He was largely unemployed for the last 8 years. Nobody would employ him, due to his mental condition.

I asked him to show the personal statement to the doctor and ask if he can certify that his is incapacitated from working. If so, the doctor can write the statement. He can submit his personal statement, and the doctor statement to make a claim.

I am not using my knowledge as an insurance expert. I am only using my common sense and the general knowledge that is available to any educated person.

I urge Singaporeans to have the self confidence in your own ability and to learn how to think clearly and write clearly, so that your point of view can be understood by other people.

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