Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cleaning of hawker center in Aljunied

Read my views and the comments of other readers on this "petty issue"


sgcynic said...

Clean is now a dirty word. Thanks to someone who thinks of himself an honourable gentleman, which many may disagree.

sgcynic said...

Only July and the dengue outbreak is an epidemic. Shouldn't the minister focus on important, national issues in Parliament? That's what his party claims elections should focus on : national instead of local issues! Disgraceful

yujuan said...

So amusing. Instead of spending time to get the annual haze problem kept to the minimum damage to Singapore, he chooses to show off his debating skills to try to fix the Opposition on such petty, insignificant thing like cleaning a hawker's centre.
Dun he has better work to do in his Ministerial job. Or is he really that free.

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