Wednesday, August 07, 2013

General education and individual consultation

here is a difference between general education and individual consultation.

For general education, you can read any blog (which is free) or spend a few dollars to buy a book or attend a talk.

For individual consultation on a problem that is specific to your personal situation, you have to see an adviser or expert and pay the consultation fee. This does not come free.

There are many people who do not wish to spend a few dollars on a book or talk, and expect to get individual advice for free. Many of them end up getting the wrong device given for free by people with a vested interest to sell the product.

The consumer ends up with a bad investment decision that will cost them a large sum of money. In some cases, they lose all their money through an investment scam.

This problem will continue to persist, as long as people continue to be gullible, have a mindset to get free advice. You can describe them as "Penny wise, pound foolish".

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