Friday, August 09, 2013

There is hope for Singapore.

This thought went through my mind when I read the Straits Times headline, "Govt to play bigger role in building fair and just society".

Reading through the key points of PM Lee's message, I like the following actions:

1. Help children from less well-off family get off to a good start from pre-school
2. Help elderly cope with health care cost
3. Help every family own a HDB flat.

Equally important are the recognition that
4. Jobs are less secure and wages are rising more slowly or even stagnating
5. Families are working harder
6. Parents worry for their children's future
7. Country must remain united and get its politics right.

PM Lee still has to overcome a big credibility gap. Many people have said, "We heard this kind of nice words before, but nothing much had changed. How do we know that you are really serious this time?"

What is the most important single thing that he can do, to overcome this credibility gap?

He has also missed out a few sacred cows that are the root cause of the economic and social problems faced in Singapore. What are they?

Let's have a nice discussion. Happy National Day.

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yujuan said...

My elderly neighbour burdened with her own and her dementia mother's medical bills, went to Chong Pang Social Services Hub at Yishun to enquire about getting a subsidized wheel chair for the mother.
Oh boy, the service comes with a string of terms, she left and sold a gold ring to buy one instead.
Loss of credibility in PM's Adminstration is making us looking on in nonchalance.
Easier to go to heaven than to get a single cent or benefit from them.
And they talk so big and nice.

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