Sunday, March 30, 2014

A sales job can be high value

We need sales people who can advise customers on the right products to suit their requirements. It can be on clothes, food, counter drugs, books, whatever. 

This knowledge comes from the job and is acquired when one works in the same line over the years. They do not ćome from a university degree. 

Most people do not think long of working in the same line. They only take a sales job as a temporary measure, waiting for the next short term opportunity. They don't pay interest to learn the skills and knowledgrpe needed for their jobs. 

This leads to lower standards, inefficiency and high cost. It is wasteful. The blind pursuit of a university degree, that cannot be put to good use, is really wasteful, as it took away the opportunity for many people to develop the skills that are more appropriate for their future.

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