Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Leadership change

Fitz Gerald asked.
Who in the opposition party is capable of leading Singapore if oppositions were to win in ge 2016? There are some people who aren't confident in the oppositions because they have never experienced being in power and governing this country.

We have seen several countries and state changed their governments and they seem to handle the problems well. Examples are Lim Guan Siong of Penang and Joko Widodo of Jakarta. 

We need people who have leadership skills and are still humble. They know how to approach the real experts who can give the right answers.


Xianlong said...

Having 'heart' is also vital for the newcomers. There's a chronic shortage of 'heart' in the current regime.

Idea-wise, there is an abundance of it.

Heart + common sense + Ability to execute & see it to fruition + surrounded by wise advisors.

yujuan said...

Straggling the throats of SMEs, killing them softly, while diverting profits to the numerous, formidable GLCs, and ultimately into
the coffers of Parent Company Temasek Holdings.
May as well turn Singapore into a Communist country forever ruled by a one Party Govt, the PAP, with its "State Enterprises" controlling a Socialist economy.
Why pretend to preach about democracy and meritocracy in this country, Guanxi is the criteria to power and wealth, all the real local talents pushed out to foreign lands, leaving the mediocres and the rich, crony capitalists behind, the talent vacuum filled by courting FTs to come onshore, meanwhile the local average Janes and Joes sweat from morning to night till they drop dead from overwork.
What change of leadership, the new Regime would be sabotaged by the all encompassing PAP web of control in every Public Agency and the Civil Service.
Back to ground zero.

michael13 said...

Ability to gain 'Trust' makes all the difference. Obviously, self-serving destroys everything especially the so-called 'Singapore Premium' - the unique way to survive as a tiny-island nation without any nature resources.

I worry for the future of my children and grand-children if we do not have the right kind of political leadership to lead and plan for Singapore.

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