Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fumbling over the search and rescue of MH 370

Raymond Fong asked.
Is the Malaysian Government fumbling up on the search-and-rescue mission for MH370 or are they hiding something from the public or other countries?

The Malaysian authorities have been severely criticized over their handling of the search and rescue operation. 

They were accused of both opposite situations, i.e. releasing wrong information, which had to be retracted, and suspected of hiding information. In reality, they have been quite open in dealing with the scanty, and contradictory information, to the extent of "fumbling".

I don't think they are hiding information. They have to verify the accuracy before they release it.

Could Singapore have done better, when we are faced with a similar crisis? If you recall the Little India riots, our police had to spend some time just to have internal consultation on whether and how to respond, when the rioting was already escalating. Our approach can also be criticized.

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zhummmeng said...

Pray they are alive...this is hope for their loved ones.

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