Sunday, March 16, 2014

My hopothesis - what happened to MH 370

My hypothesis, and a hopeful and speculative scenario is described here:

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yujuan said...

After weeks of watching this tragic drama, have arrived at a final hopothesis.
Both Malaysia and America are engaged in coverups.
It's hijacking of MH370 that went wrong, the hijackers( the 2 Iranians travelling with false passports, and perhaps the young Xinjiang man) wanted plane to go to Australia, via the roundabout way the Indian Ocean, bypassing Indonesia to avoid radar detection.
There is cockpit fight with hijackers forcing the pilots to switch off the communication devices, then maybe took over control and the plane changed course and headed South towards the Indian Ocean. Meantime during fight, the pilot/pilots were killed.
The rapid sudden change in flying altitude from 35,000 ft to 26,000 ft had rendered passengers unconcious, and the pilotless plane cruised on at low altitudes
on auto pilot and running out of fuel, crashed into Southern Indian Ocean before reaching Western Australia. Maybe the hijackers understimated the vast distance and remoteness of the Indian Ocean.
Meantime Boeing and the American Authorities were quietly tracking the plane and did not divulge information, perhaps due to reluctance to reveal sensitive tracking devices tecknology incorporated into the 777 plane body, and when the Malaysian Govt revealed days later of the MAS plane's abrupt change in flight path, then the Americans quickly transer satelite pictures of plane movement to their Australian ally to inform Malaysia.
The Malaysians screwed up first by having lax airport security and allowing the 2 Iranians to board with false passports, and then the military radar officials ate snake at their workplaces, and did not immediately report the detection of an unknown plane flying past over Perak.
Finally, the Americans, out of security secrecy, kept silent initially, only revealing through other parties that the plane tracked by them still flew for hours after losing contact.
A vivid imagination.

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