Sunday, May 24, 2015

A morning walk

I took a Sunday morning walk from my home to Greenwich V, a distance of 2.2 km. I could have driven or taken a bus, but I decided that a walk would do me good.

Along the way, I saw a plump woman walking in front of me. As I passed her, I said "good morning" to her. Guess what happened?

Well, she turn around, smiled and said "good morning" to me!. Further down the road, she run passed me to a waiting car. As she entered the car, she looked at me. I gave her a wave and she waved back. The male driver of the car must be wondering what had happened!

Further down the road, two female joggers passed me. I said "good morning" and they replied back.

On the way back, a male jogger was coming towards me. As he passed, I said "good morning". He panted and replied back with a "good morning".

All the people that I had met that morning were polite in returning a greeting.

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