Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Indonesia going through a difficult time

Three articles in the front page of the Jakarta Posts shows that Indonesia is going through a difficult time:

1. Another big setback for KPK
KPK is the Corruption Eradication Commission. A court has thrown out a case taken by KPK against a government official for corrupt practices. The sole judge decided that the KPK should not use independent investigators. This decision threatened to invalid all the prosecution cases that were taken by KPK since its formation 11 years ago.

2. Property firm deceives thousand of buyers
The Police has arrested the commissioner of a property marketing firm that allegedly deceived more than 1,000 buyers of properties in various cities. The marketing firm did not own these properties. More than US$60 million were paid to this firm.

3. Nearly 50,000 factory workers lose their jobs
This was due to the economic slowdown that hs now affected the labor intensive industries.

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