Friday, June 12, 2015

High speed rail between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Here are some interesting facts about the high speed rail between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. It is expected to be ready by 2022. Financing of this project is likely to be a challenge and its economic viability is uncertain, judging by the experience of similar projects in other countries. Read this article.

I hope that they can bring down the cost of the project. The contractors from China are able to bring down the cost by 50% compared to the Japanese proposal. This could make the project more feasible. 


yujuan said...

From our Malaysian relatives, out of pocket Malaysia wants Singapore to foot half of the cost on their side.
From international surveys, only two Rapid Rail lines make money, the English Channel to France HSR, and the Osaka to Toyko HSR, others round the world losing money, including the Chinese HSRs.
Would hardnosed Singapore Govt open its wallet to finance our neighbour?
With palm oil prices collapsing for some years, and newly collaping oil prices still in the doldrums, hard put for Malaysia to come with the dough.
Also to be economic, the lines have to cut straight across the land, meaning running over sacred Malay Rights land, would politics be in the way?
Guess have to tan gu gu, maybe ten years or more later, would we oldies see that day to come. Commodity bust could last a long time.

SMK said...

I consider safety paramount and that we should not be looking at cheap but rather value. Don't treat singaporeans like economic digits.

Kin Lian Tan said...

I will certainly go for the China option and pay half of the cost. There was only one accident (in Wenzhou) out of the countless trips that had been taken. The risk is so small that it can be ignored. It is like being hit by the Sabah earthquake. The saving in cost is several billion dollars or ringgits!

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