Saturday, June 13, 2015

LKY said Singaporeans are economic digits

Hi Mr. Tan,
I read your remarks that you respected Mr. LKY for what he did for Singapore. Have you considered the harm that he had done? He considered Singaporeans to be economic "digits" and not as people. His policies are framed to treat Singaporeans without recognizing their human rights. This is probably the reason for the selfish and uncultured behavior of many Singaporeans, e.g. joining long queues for "freebies".
Do you agree with his methods, and do you still respect him considering the negative aspects of his policies

I do not like his treatment of Singaporeans as economic "digits" and the bad consequences that it had produced.
On the other hand, he did look into the real problems of the people, and found effective measures to rectify them. The results have been positive. They were much better than the leaders that followed him.
On balance, I still respect Mr. LKY for the good that he has done for Singapore, after deducting the negative aspects.

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Unknown said...

Lau Lee did not mince his words, that is the reason why he sounded so heartless and cold blooded.

If we look at the benefit people derived from his policies, maybe he was a benevolent leader.

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