Thursday, June 11, 2015

A new FISCA member shares his views about the talks organized by FISCA

A new FISCA member share his experience of attending the FISCA talks
I knew FISCA sometime last year when I was hunting around looking for advice on how to manage my money.
During this time, I had also been approached by many insurance agents (many whom were friends), who offered to manage my money for me. I had heard of many people getting ripped off by insurance companies and therefore, I was not ready to trust any insurance agent just yet. My family themselves were also victims of insurance policies which gave poor returns.
I went for many investment seminars as well. Most of the organisers in the seminars promised high returns, but could not back up their claims with any proper evidence.
This was when I stumbled upon FISCA through Mr Tan's Facebook page. Mr Tan writes a lot about financial matters which I felt were very useful.
A. Talk on Financial Planning
3. I find the talks very informative.The speakers were very sincere in wanting to educate the public on financial matters. They also do not boost about their accomplishments or sell overpriced courses, unlike many other financial educators out there. No NLP techniques used also. The audience is always given time to ask questions or think about issues.
4. Yes, I recommend more young people to attend the talks, especially once they have started working. With the proper financial education we can stop young people from being ripped off by investment scams or insurance companies.

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Anonymous said...

Insurance agents are salesmen/conmen disguised as consultants or planners . They are no financial consultants or some financial experts.
How can CMFAS exams which my pets/dogs/cats/monkeys can pass turn them into financial experts?

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