Sunday, June 28, 2015

No queue to top up SG50 transport voucher

I was at Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange. I saw the ticket office and asked if they could top up my SG50 transport voucher. They referred me to a nearby counter.
Me: can I top up my Transit Link card with the SG50 voucher?
Young man: yes
Me: do I need to show a letter with my voucher
Young man: no need
He did the top-up. And you now what? There was no queue at all. I was the only person who requested for the top-up.
What happened to all the people that enjoyed queuing for hours to get the top-up? They have gone!!!
Hey! Why do they deny me the fun of queuing up for two hours to get my top-up? I am a Singaporean, and I love long queue! LOL.

What happened to PM Lee's showcase of the popularity of his SG50 package?

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