Friday, July 03, 2015

Harmful consequence of National Service

I agreed with a view posted by another person that National Service has been harmful and has led to the low birth rate in Singapore over the decades.

An idiot who attacked me personally and said that without NS, Singapore will be in big trouble. This idiot can only think in "black and white", all or nothing. I have deleted his view and banned him.

Here is my view. We need a strong military service, but that can be achieved by a professional army.

We may need conscription, but it can be done within one year, like in most countries. We should not be wasting two years full time and another 10 years of reservists duty.

We are over doing this NS obligation. Times have changed since 1965.

If that idiot expressed his view without making a personal attack, it is all right. But idiots do not know how to be polite or sensible.

Some people think that National Service has done good for them. I do not dispute their view. It is their view, and they are entitled to it. But they should not impose this view on many other people who feel that NS, full time and reservists, has been harmful to their career and family life. We need to see issues from a wider perspective.


Anonymous said...

I actually wrote a letter towards the facebook page "Petition to Reduce NS" asking them why they want to reduce NS and by How long, instead of just abolishing NS.

I'm with you there, the opinion that NS is compulsory and necessary is easily refuted.

yujuan said...

It's harmful to our sons, and it's obvious why.
Look at the Cabinet, it's full of ex SAF men, who had been trained/brainwashed that NS is something sacred cast in stone.
No one is disputing NS is irrelevant, it's the long duration of conscription and Reservice a liability.
We are sending our young grandsons over to relatives in Canada soon, who wanna waste time in a camp.
If they ditch Singapore, so be it, it's the Amos Lee's case that is the catalyst. Talented kids have better, safer future in the West.

Anonymous said...

Some people could honestly say they learnt a lot in prison and prison made them a better person. Speaks more about that person than the benefits of prison.

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