Friday, July 03, 2015

Troublesome to get replies from government agencies

I received this email from CPF

Dear Employer
The electronic Record of Payment (eROP) for payment received on 01 Jul 2015 under CPF Submission Number 200700231C-PTE-01 is ready for viewing.
To view your eROP:1) Please login to CPF e-Submission (Employers) Service and click "View Record of Payment".2) Select the Statement No. to view the eROP.
Please check that the details in the Record of Payment are correct and inform us immediately if there are any discrepancies.
Yours faithfully
Electronic Submission Section
Central Provident Fund Board

I sent this reply
Dear CPF
I suggest that you send the eROP to me by email.
It is troublesome for me to login into the CPF website to view this eROP.
Be considerate.

Why do the government continue with a wasteful practice that gives so much trouble to the business sector?

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