Friday, July 31, 2015

Get advice on children insurance

Hi Mr Tan,

Appreciate if you could help me with some insurance questions as I am a bit confused which is the best for my family.

Under Aviva, there is free coverage for the children under plan 2 (structured public hospitals with riders) until age 20. I was told by another non-Aviva agent at first, that Aviva does not cover any illness or condition between the start of the free coverage until age 20. So after age 20, must declare and then maybe must pay higher premiums.

I called Aviva, they say there is no need to talk about pre-existing conditions at all as the policy starts at point of application, ie, when free coverage starts. So even illnesses before age 20 wont have exclusions.

I am a little confused. But Aviva free coverage is only for structured hospitals, while other non-Aviva we can get private hospitals. What do you suggest for children? I thought public hospitals are also equally good.

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Anonymous said...

Your non-Aviva agent lied to you.. It is in your interest to run as fast as you can from this non-Aviva agent. Even a cheap shield plan he or she is already lying what more if it is other life insurance plans. Run, run and never look back.
Any shield plan will cover private hospital but at a proration,ie. the bill after deductible and coinsurance it is not paid 100% but prorated. There is a plan which covers private hospitalization without proration.

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