Saturday, August 01, 2015

Private cars operating as taxis

Some private cars are operating as taxis under the Uber or Grab Taxi platform.

I booked for a taxi under Grab Taxi to take me to the airport. I was surprised that a private car came to pick me.

I asked the taxi driver a few days later, "Do you have insurance to cover accidents when you private car is being used as a taxi? The normal insurance policy does not cover use "for hire".

He replied - we are required to take up commercial insurance to cover accidents for third parties.

Note - this is still not the answer to my question. I wonder - if he meets with an accident, will his private car be covered by his insurance policy? Will it cover payment of compensation to passengers who are travelling in his private car?

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Frank Lee said...

My understanding is that grabcar and uber work like a chauffeured service, except booking is done through an app instead.

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