Saturday, July 18, 2015

Skill and working experience are also important

Hi, Mr. Tan
The government keeps bringing in foreign talent at the higher levels and telling Singaporeans that they don't need a university degree. 
If we go in this path Singaporeans will be doing all the lowest paid jobs. We need to vote out this government that doesn't want to push their own people ahead and let foreigners take over the country,
You seem to be advocating the same approach, that a university degree is not needed. Why?

Some Singaporeans, maybe 30% of each year's cohort, can pursue a university degree. For the remainder, it may be more useful for their to work earlier and get the relevant skill and experience for their job. The worst situation is to have a get a degree that is not put to use, and to lose the opportunity to get the skill and working experience.

The problem faced by Singaporeans in getting a good job is not the lack of education (as most are well educated) but the high salary expectation for their degree. Many of them do not have the experience and skill to justify their high expectation. In addition, the reservist obligations put the male citizens at a disadvantage compared to foreigners.

Employers cannot afford to pay a high salary for the degree that they do not need. There will be demand for people with the skill and experience needed for many jobs, but less demand for people with degree and no working experience.

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