Friday, July 17, 2015

Rejection of Travel Insurance Claim

Hi Mr Tan, 
If a person buys an travel insurance coverage in the morning and paid online and received a confirmation for travelling the next day but suddenly falls sick before his trip on the same evening, will he be allowed to claim from his travel insurance? 
The company refunded him a cheque with the amount he paid upon knowing he was sick and said that the travel insurance policy requires 3 days waiting period before it covers. 
Is this right for the company to do this even though we cannot find information on 3 days waiting period online. We always thought that travel insurance will cover once payment has been cleared.

The travel insurance policy covers you for certain specified events. Falling sick before the travel is probably not one of these events. It probably covers you for when you fall sick during your travel. There might be some exclusion for sickness due to a pre-existing medical condition. 
You need to read the wording of the policy carefully.

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