Saturday, July 18, 2015

Career opportunity for non-graduates

Hi Mr Tan

While there is some truth in what you are advocating (i.e. for some Singaporeans to pursue a working career without a degree), but in reality the govt is attracting so many from the 3rd world & providing university education for them that your grandchildren who you may encourage not to pursue a degree, may work under them some day.


The government is now having second thoughts.They are reducing their scholarship to these students from other countries.

If my grandchildren are good, they will go to university and graduate with a good degree and good job.

If they are not so good in study, they should pursue other lines, such as technical skills, design skills and personal skills. They were be demand for these skills and working experience many years into the future. The salaries for these skills will go up, due to market forces.

Too many graduates will depress the salaries for graduates. We have already seen this happening for some time in other countries. It has already happened in Singapore!

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