Friday, September 04, 2015

Let us hear the wisdom of the crowd

Will you advise your friends in West Coast to vote for Kenneth Jeyaretnam? Or Tanjong Pagar to vote for Tan Jee Say? Or Holland Bukit Timah to vote for Chee Soon Juan? Or Marine Parade to vote for Worker Party?
Cast your vote here. We want to hear "the wisdom of the crowd".


Anonymous said...

WP is surging. Their brand equity has reach parity with the PAP. The vote swing towards them is likely to be between 8% to 10%.
With the exception of Macpherson SMC, there is a >50% chance they will win all other contests, giving WP 27 seats in Parliament.

The other parties have yet to catch fire. Their vote swing, if any, if likely to be between 3% to 5%.
With the exception of Potong Pasir, there is a > 50% chance the PAP will be able to retain the other seats.

Whether the PAP can retain their 2/3 majority will come down to Holland Bukit Timah. This GRC is led by an unpopular Minister who launched numerous attacks on WP via NEA. The SDP team there is led by CSJ and includes Paul Tambayn. This GRC is the best chance for SDP to make a breakthrough. Their numbers are just slightly below the 50% and they are close enough to convert this to a win.

yujuan said...

Hope that the Holland Bt Timah GRC would fall into SDP's hands, Paul Tambayn is a man of substance to watch out for. Need to revolutionize the Health care system. How could a private patient's medical fees be more expensive than in the private sector. Paul could speak out for the elderly on atrocious fees charged by Public hospitals' specialists.
Trying for the prize is good enough, irregardless of end result.

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