Thursday, October 29, 2015

Banks waste a lot of money

I prefer the Type 1 token issued by the banks. It is easy to use. The customer press one button to get a number to enter into the website.

Later, the banks issued the Type 2 token. I suspect that they were instructed by MAS to make this change. There are many buttons. I get confused, Many customers face the same issue, especially the older ones.

The Type 2 tokens are bulky and cannot be carried around. To make matters worse, different organizations issued their own tokens. How wasteful.

Although the Type 2 functions have several functions, one must remember that most customers do not need these functions. They only need to get a token number to authenticate themselves to enter the website.

The token manufacturers probably make millions of dollars by helping the banks to issue the Type 2 tokens. The money spent could have been saved.

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