Thursday, October 29, 2015

Economic threats to Singapore

Someone who travels widely in the region told me about some possible developments in the near future that could pose a big economic threat to Singapore.

a) Indonesia is taking over the control of the airspace above Batam and Bintan. Previously, they outsourced the control to Singapore.

b) China is helping Indonesia to develop the Jakarta Port. This will reduce the need to use the port facilities in Singapore.

c) China is studying how to help Thailand to build the canal across South Thailand. This will cut down the travelling time and bypass Singapore .While this project had been considered and shelved in the past, the decision may change when China is involved.

All of these economic threats are serious. And if they come at a time when Singapore remain a high cost country, it could have harmful effects on our economy.

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Anonymous said...

Singapore doesn't rely on the port for a living now unlike the past it didn't have other industries.
Well Malaysia tried to lure some shipping lines to their ports but unfortunately they don't measure up to the standard of the singapore port. Dr.Mahathi tried to build the crooked bridge in the hope ships can bypass Singapore and can cut through the Johore straits. What happened to them.He is a hopping Dr.Mad bcose no revenue for his dream crooked bridge.
Just like the KLIA airport , big but useless. Singapore is still #1 IN THE WORLD and not just around Aseon.
The Isthmoll of Krall since 18teen dunno when tried but till now never cut. Not once but many times, say only...
Singapore is already not relying on the port and it is only a few per cent of GDP it is contributing. No sweat, lah. what expertise do they have? Singapore is exporting its port management expertise to other countries, this shows what Singapore has they don't have to be successfool. Soonn all these ports will become not only white elephants but ship wreck ports.
Competition is healthy and I beleive Singapore will stand out from this nondescript crowd and boost further its reputation.
The truth is Singapore is very afraid of the HAZE, Indo's most powerfool weapon of destruction.

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