Sunday, January 10, 2016

A nuclear war

If you are the leader of a major power with nuclear weapons and you are drawn into a major conflict with another nuclear power, here are some questions that you have to answer:

a) Will you avoid using nuclear weapons as the other power will retaliate with nuclear weapons?

b) When you resort to nuclear weapons if you are losing the war with conventional weapons?

c) If you are winning the war, will you avoid pushing the other party to the brink, as they might use nuclear weapon as a last resort?

d) If you are confident that you have a defense against their nuclear weapons, will you use your nuclear weapon to wipe out the other side, knowing the heavy cost in human casualties?

These are difficult issues that have to be faced by the president of the nuclear power. In a war, events happen suddenly and quickly. It is easy to make a major mistake.

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