Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lessons from World War Two

World War Two ended in 1945. The total casualties in that was was 60 million people. 40% are combatants and 60% are civilians.

The world has avoided a large scale world war for 70 years. There were a few major wars, such as the Korean War, Vietnam War and the Gulf War but nowhere near the scale of World War Two. There were also several civil wars in Africa, Middle East and in Bosnia.

The Cold War between USA and USSR ended in 1991.

Some people regard the events in 2015 with alarm, especially the war against ISIS and the large powers, such as Russia and USA, taking different sides. Will this escalate to a large scale war? Most people think that it would be averted, but accidents can happen.

Many videos on YouTube are giving alarming messages.

The lessons of World War One did not prevent the happening of World War Two. Will the lessons of World World Two be forgotten after 70 years?

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Anonymous said...

Armageddon is round the corner.It will be a clash of 2 civilizations. There are so many signs that it is imminent. And it must come to pass.

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