Sunday, February 14, 2016

Outsourcing of jobs

Government agencies and government owned companies should set the example and employ their workers directly and pay decent wages to set the benchmark for other employees.
It is deplorable when they start to outsource for the purpose of cutting cost. By doing it, they are depressing the forcing the same workers to accept lower wages from the contractors.

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Yujuan said...

A bad experience with outsourcing services by Singtel.
Our internet was down for a few days, called Singtel to complain, no one came over to fix problem. On the 4th day, we called again, someone returned our call at 1 am in the morning, trying to fix it over the phone. No result, the next day, a man not in any uniform and driving an unnamed van came over. With an impatient tone, could not find the problem, then he left saying he would check up with the Substation.
A few hours later he phoned to say the substation had been struck by lightning, and repair work on the way.
Our internet had been disabled for 5 to six days, as a consumer, what has lightning problem got to do with us.
Outsourcing for sake of savings costs lead to a lowering of service standards, and the consumer has to suffer.

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