Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ridiculous protocol followed by Sing Tel call center

I called SingTel hotline to check if a SIM card that they gave to me 2 years ago is still active.
I had to go through their call center maze and press all kinds of buttons to reach a person.

That is just the first part of a stressful experience. More to come.

TKL - I want to check if this mobile number is still active.
The call center staff asked for my company registration number, address, how we pay the bill, etc.
TKL - I only wanted to check if this number is active. Do you really need to provide so many layers of verification?
Staff - Sorry sir. This is our protocol.

I lost my temper. I told the staff to send the telephone conversation to the service quality manager to change their "stupid" protocol.

Earlier, my staff could not go through their protocol, so I had to take over.

The person who wrote Sing Tel's protocol is an idiot. And that idiotic protocol is being practiced day in and day out for many years.

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