Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Singapore needs a stimulus package to tide over the difficult times ahead

The Singapore economy will go through a very difficult time. It could be worse than 2008.

During the global financial crisis in 2008, the world was saved by the quantitative easing introduced by the Fed in America. But it did not solved the underlying problem. It only postponed the problem to a later date.

This time round, the Fed could not save the problem with quantitative easing.

The Singapore economy will be badly affected by events around the major economies and by events in Singapore.

What can be done to save jobs and incomes in Singapore. We need a stimulus package - Singapore style. What type of package?

Kenneth Jeyaretnam has some ideas. Read what he has been saying in his website.…/plunging-exports-will-result-in-ma…/

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Anonymous said...

Singapore has to wait for things to wait for the oil producing countries to go bankrupt especially the middle east countries and then restart their economies on a new model and not a oil depending economy to support the lazy good for nothing arabs.
The new clean renewal energy sectors will take off so that they can close the high carbon, toxic polluting oil wells.
Singapore is not relying on these countries but the banks are. This is self slimming exercise for these banks.

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