Friday, May 20, 2016

A ridiculous structure of taxi fares

The government allows each taxi companies to set their own fares. This can produce a ridiculous situation that occurs daily.

At the airport queue for taxis, the usher asked the passenger in front of me. Do you want the Mercedes taxi with starting fare of $3.90. No. Do you want the Chrysler with staring fare of $3.90. No. Do you want the Maxi Cab with starting fare of $5. No.

The usher went down the queue to ask the same sets of questions to every passenger. The answer is still "No".

 These expensive taxis occupy three spaces and must have been there for some time. The poor usher, who speaks with a foreign accent, must have asked the question 10 to 20 times before a passenger take the "offer".

The usher is not telling the complete fact. It is not just an increase in the starting fare. There is also an increase on the distance fare. My usual fare of $25 could earn up 30% higher with the expensive fare.

This ridiculous situation must be occurring for many years, not only at the airport but all over Singapore. Our million dollar ministers are not aware of it, or maybe they don't care.

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