Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It is not cool to not know what you are talking about

A great speech by Barack Obama. He is subtly negative of Donald Trump.

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Yujuan said...

Obama should look at himself in the mirror first. What are his achievements in his eight years of Presidency, America's economy still in the dumps, and he makes a mess of Middle East, allowing ISIS to rise up and threaten world peace.
The American public should thank Trump willing to take up the burden of setting up fallen Humpty Dumpty America back sitting on the wall.
The mess is so far down that Bloomberg finally withdrew. No good man willing to take challenge, sounds like situation in Singapore.
Hillary would be even worse than Obama, Sanders too Socialist and inward looking, neither Hillary nor Sanders able to tackle the ISIS crisis, whose ascendancy threatening the whole world.
Trump a pragmatic businessman would brush aside democracy and human rights to settle the ISIS crisis, a fallen Europe would threaten his business and America. In a way he's a patriot.
Likely, if he's President, he would support dictator like regimes of Syria's Assad, Russia's Putin, or even North Korea's Jong Un. Honestly, you need strong, pragmatic men to work together to contain or bust ISIS, the number one world problem. Without peace, where got country, trade, business or money. He's the only man willing to wipe clean the mess.
But he would hammer Asian countries like China, Singapore, and supporting South Korea, Japan militarily, too costly for husiness minded Trump to bear, no money to make, no talk.
Better for Singapore to suffer first, in the long term, it's better for us. Bo bian, we have to back Trump to be the world leader, no other American can do this. Like Phillipines Duterte, look beyond the brash, cocky crudeness, be pragmatic.
Trump would be doing a service to the world, if he could settle the ISIS crisis. Pray, he would be.

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