Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A good chance for Donald Trump to be elected as President

There is a good chance that Donald Trump will be elected as President of the USA. Here are the reasons:

1.  Hillary Clinton might be indicted for the email scandal. Even if she is not indicated, Donald Trump can focus on this issue to his advantage.

2. If Hillary Clinton is indicted, the establishment Democrats are likely to nominate Joe Biden as the candidate. This will anger the Bernie Sanders supporters. Many of them will not vote in the election or will vote for Donald Trump.

3. The polls have recently changed in favor of Donald Trump. The strong lead of more than 10 points held by Hillary Clinton in the polls have now virtually disappeared. Donald Trump is now ahead in some polls.

4. Donald Trump has shown a remarkable capability of attracting large numbers of voters to support his views and position. When it comes to the general election, he is likely to continue this trend.

5. Donald Trump has recently taken a more moderate position on many of the extreme views that he articulated earlier. He is now seen in a more positive light.

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Anonymous said...

Donald Trump as US president is a foregone conclusion.

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