Saturday, May 28, 2016

World class taxi service in the most expensive city in the world

It was raining lightly on Saturday morning. A taxi with a green sign came by. I stopped it.

Taxi - where are you going?
TKL - Midview City
Taxi - Sorry, I am going to Hougang, Sorry.

This is the quality of our taxi service. It is now quite expensive with surcharge and call fee. Most taxis display the sign "Busy", "On Call" even when they are empty. Those that display a green "Taxi" sign will have the excuse, "Changing shift", "Out of the way".

The passenger has the right to insist that the taxi provide the public service that they are supposed to. But, there is no point to risk a confrontation over this "right".

I thank the PAP government for this expensive, world class taxi service based on the unique free market model that they had designed for Singapore. It has been running on auto-pilot for several years.

This is how we achieve the distinction of being the most expensive and most stressed city in the world.

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Anonymous said...

It's probably better to do away with the booking fees (or incorporate that into the taxi fare). So calling for a cab does not incur additional cost.

Taxis should all be answering to calls only instead of driving around. They can also wait for customers at designated spots, eg. taxi stands.

The side effects are less cars on the road and less pollution.

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