Monday, May 23, 2016

Say "No" to "Corporate Greed"

When a profitable company retrench its local workers by outsourcing their jobs to low wage countries, the company is engaging in "corporate greed".
We need a government that knows how to deal with this kind of unacceptable behavior. Does the PAP government have this ability to look after the interest of its citizens?
Prabu Ramachandran
7 hrsSingapore
Globalisation is the biggest myth, bullshit & lie that we have been fed. 1500 jobs from DBS outsourced to India. Orchard Road retail belt is failing. These 2 may seem un related but they are part of economics and the bigger economy.
Taxi companies are being challenged by 3rd party app companies, this benefits the consumer and the drivers as it created a new market.
Singtel we know outsources local call receivers to KL & Malacca to save on the SGDMYR exchange rate. These companies are backed by Temasek Holdings which is supposed to be SINGAPOREANS' national fund management. It makes sense that they should act in the interest of Singaporeans & creating jobs for Singaporeans.

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