Monday, May 30, 2016

Restoring democracy in America

Fifty years ago, America fought the Cold War to uphold democracy around the world. It had the honorable intention to help people in every country win the right to choose the leaders that represent them, and work for their best interest. It strongly believed that democracy is the best system to promote the welfare of the people.

Countries that were ruled for decades by a strong dictator, backed by a one party system or by the military, is considered to be a threat to democracy. America worked through covert actions to bring down these dictators.

So much has changed over the past decades. America is no longer a shining example of democracy. Its election system has been bought by "money politics". Through the unlimited campaign contributions, the wealthy in America are now able to "buy politicians" who will wrote for laws that favor these contributors.

America is no longer a democracy that looks after the interest of the ordinary people. It is now an oligarchy that look after the rich people and the campaign contributors.

Bernie Sanders is working hard to create a "political revolution" and get the ordinary people to stand up and fight against this "corrupt system". I wish him success.

Singapore also has our own style of rotten politics. It also has to be changed.

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Yujuan said...

Huge problem down the road for Singapore's survival in the dog eat dog world.
Our persistent low productivity level is the main culprit. Working long hours stifle the brain to work like robots only, must add inputs in order to work, crimping creativity of the brain. You just need one IT genius from abroad to do away with all these industries in Singapore, with its hordes of robotic hard working workers, then Singaporeans would be out of work, and Singapore would become irrelevant on this earth. E.g., the Internet's huge impact on us. All those retail shops are suffering, we just buy online. If Metro moves out of Paragon, Takashimaya moves out of Ngee Ann, imagine the impact on Retail Reits. Think also Ubers, Airhdnb, scaring, ain't it?
A country must not be too rigidly orderly and controlled, must have some messiness. People here are too meek, complacent and kiasi, dare not rock the boat. Only concerned with their mortgage and car loans, holidays abroad, etc., but this boat, though seemingly safe and steady now, could be easily sunk by outside forces, drowning all of us. Why? Being blunted to think out of the box for decades, placing too much blind faith on the Govt - the list is too long.
Democracy has been turned upside down to suit one's political/economic Agenda.
Just as in the US, same with Singapore. Maybe we should call it Money Democracy, those with money or access to money call the shots to control the kind of Democracy they want. Can call it Pseudo Democracy.

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