Friday, June 03, 2016

Disappointing non-response from Tower Transit

I have been disappointed with a non-response from Tower Transit to this email that was sent 3 days ago. I am used to this kind of non-response from organizations in Singapore.

I had hoped that Tower Transit would be different. They had employed a Singaporean (judging from his name) as the communication manager, so he must have been following the prevailing culture here.

Dear Glenn Lim

I congratulate Tower Transits for the start of your bus operations in Singapore.

I hope that Tower Transit can make a significant impact in the following areas:

a) Provide better employment terms to your employees.
b) Improve the quality of your service to the public.

I am encouraged by the initiatives that you have taken and am hopeful that the above goals will be achieved.

I have written to the newspapers in the past about improving the bus service. Just today, my letter is printed in the Straits Times Online Forum. I hope that you can act on displaying the sequential stop number in the bus. I will send you the link to this article shortly.

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